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General Guidelines

  • Each student must have a school diary which should be brought to the school daily. No student will be allowed to sit in the class without the school diary, text books and the necessary note books.

  • Refinement of character, obedience neatness in dress and punctuality are expected at all times.

  • During the school hours no student is allowed to leave the school premises without the permission of the principal.

  • The students have to be present in the school before the first bell.

  • The students are responsible for their own property and the school will not be responsible for the loss of money, books, etc. the belongings of the students such as books , bags , umbrella etc.; should be properly labeled.

  • The students are not allowed to bring razor blades or any sharp instruments to the school.

  • No child suffering from any communicable diseases will be allowed to attend the school.

  • Any damage done to the school property as to that of other students will have to be compensated

  • No books, newspapers or periodicals other than school books should be brought in the class.

  • English in the language of institution and pupils have to talk English in the classrooms, bus boarding points and in the campus except in the language classes.

  • Parents are requested not to enter the classrooms or to speak to the class teachers during class hours without permission of the principal. Parents who seek information or who wish to make any complaints should to the Principal and not to the teacher.

  • Attending exams are compulsory.

  • Students who are not in proper school uniform will not be permitted to attend the class.

  • Absence on the opening and closing days of a term or after special holidays like Onam, Christmas etc. Will be punishable. In the case of sickness, the school authorities must be notified in time and a doctor’s certificate to be produced informed.

  • Pupils who have not paid the fees will not be permitted to sit in the class or to write examinations, students will not to be called to answer telephone calls.

  • Students are forbidden to write or scribble on the wall, to run about howling or shouting inside the school building. Parents will have to compensate for willful damage done to school property.

  • Any student who fails twice in the same class will have to leave the school.

  • Any sort of negative criticism of the school ought to be avoided by the parents especially in the presence of the students and in public places.

  • The presence of the parents / guardians at the PTA General body is compulsory.

  • Please do not harass your children, abuse or punish them when they fall short of your expectations in academic performance, try to encourage and instill confidence in them. Please try to examine if you are in any way responsible for the backwardness of your child.

  • Please do not believe everything your children tell you about the teachers or the school. Children are very imaginative and they cook up stories to escape punishment.

  • Students are not allowed to keep mobile phones in the school compound.


  • The school insists on punctuality, regular attendance, good manners, cleanliness and devotion to study. Above all the student must be courteous to superiors and fellow students.

  • Every student shall bring the text books required or the classes neatly covered and labelled. No book, newspapers or periodical other than school books may be brought to school.

  • Every student is required to help to maintain the school premises clean and tidy. Waste paper and other waste materials should be disposed in the bins provided for the purpose. Defacing of walls, destruction of furniture, tampering with the plants in the garden etc.; will be severely dealt with.

  • All assignments should be regularly done and submitted. Parents / guardians are requested to read the REMARK section of the school diary of their ward every day.

  • Pupils are responsible for the safe custody of their books and other belongings. No valuable articles or money should be brought to school. Sharp instruments and tools are not allowed in the school premises.

  • Students must be move along the corridors and veranda in absolute silence, and in an orderly manner. While moving to classes or halls, they have to keep right and move in a line.

  • Students who remain in their class rooms during intervals are not allowed to play inside .They are not allowed to play in the corridors or in the school yards during intervals.

  • In the absence of a teacher, it is the class leader’s responsibility to keep order in the class. Strict silence should be observed inside the class during such times.

  • Students are expected to converse in English while they are in the school campus, school bus, and in bus stops.

  • Students are not allowed to leave the school premises during school time without the written permission of the Class teacher, Principal. They should never have any contact with the strangers on their way to or back from school.

  • If any student is found sick or wounded, the matter should be immediately reported to any of the teachers for immediate attention.

  • All students are expected to strictly follow the instructions given by the class teacher.

  • Students travelling by school buses should queue up when they board the buses


  • All the staff and students are directed to avail themselves of the library facilities in the school.

  • Students may borrow only one book at a time may retain it for a week and it can be renewed for one more week. The librarian may call for a book at any time from the borrower.

  • Examine the book while borrowing and report to the librarian of any damage, missing pages etc. before leaving the library.

  • Books borrowed from the library should be kept neat. No marking, underlining or scribbling of any kind in the library book is allowed.

  • The person in whose name the library card is issued will be held responsible for all books drawn

  • A fine of Rs5 per day will be charged for late returning of books.

  • If books are lost, damaged or defaced, a fine up the cost of the book will be charged. In the case of any dispute the Principal’s decision shall be final and binding.

  • Reference books shall not take out of the library. No other books are allowed in the reference section.

  • All library books and cards must be returned before the end of February every year .Clearance from the library is required before applying for Transfer Certificate.

  • Strict discipline and silence should be maintained in the Library.


  1. Good behavior is an expression of fine character.

  2. Be neat and modest in your dress and manners.

  3. Courtesy biggest courtesy. Use the word ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ as often as needed.

  4. Be polite, obliging and helpful. Be careful not to hurt anyone with your words or actions.

  5. Be a cheerful giver, you will help to create a beautiful world.


The school is committed to provide the best coaching possible to all students irrespective of the standards or courses. The parents are advised to encourage their children to make the best use of the class room coaching. Create a pleasant atmosphere at home and try to instill confidence in the children even when they do not perform to your expectation.

Please do not overburden them with unnecessary tuitions. Meet the teachers of your children as often as directed. Please do not form prejudiced opinions about the teachers from what your children tell you. Try to establish a good relationship with the teachers. We attach great importance to discipline and formation of character. Kindly remember that the major role in this matter is to be played by the parents.




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