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At Woodlem Park Public school we believe that a happy child is learning child. ‘Woodlem Park ‘stands for a garden of lemon trees. Its logo has three colors based on the three qualities of a lemon tree: It energizes, it gives Shade and it spreads fragrance. In all three ways it serves the community. We believe that these three qualities will ensure our children- Develop their spiritual, emotional, intellectual and moral needs. The three petals on our logo are interlinked to show unity and inclusiveness.

Woodlem Park Public School is a place, where our community of teachers & parents are involved in the development of the child while encouraging creativity, participation in sports and games, instilling a love of learning and respect for their environment. We create an atmosphere of safety and friendship where we can encourage our pupils to become creative thinkers. Chunda Village gives an ideal calm and serene atmosphere for learning.

We also encourage our children to become independent and compassionate individuals. Each and every child brings something unique and special to the world. God has created human kind in its perfection. We will help children to develop their potential by trusting them & helping them in themselves. We know Woodlem Park Public school will offer the whole team of teachers, Supporting staff, Students and parents a very happy and safe environment for learning together.


Dr. Abdul Gafoor. MBBS, DCH



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20th November
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