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Woodlempark Public School is a Co – Educational institution established and managedby Aaliya Health and educational foundation (Reg: No. 422/2008). The school follows C B S E Syllabus.

Our Aim is to impart a sound education through a wide training which shall develop the character and personality of each people .

The school provides each child with the best education possible based on virtues and values oflife .Our educational endeavors aim at forming leaders who are intellectually competent , spiritually mature Morally upright , Psychologically integrated , physically healthy and socially acceptable , who will champion the cause of justice , love truth , and peace and who are ever open to further growth, We aspire towards creating a just and human society where dignity of human being brighten and individual person is respected . It is our intention to create a world where unjust social structures are challenged , where our cultural heritage of ‘Ahimsa’ religious harmony and national integration is upheld , and where the poor and marginalized are specially taken care of .To this end, a number of innovative features arebeing incorporated into the formal framework of the curriculum of the School.


The school aims at the development of a wholesome personality through the emphasis given in the curriculum for physical, growth. It is the objective of the school to train at good members of the society who are fit to perform justly, carefully and magnanimously all the offices of both private and public life .This training ensures the creation of the high sense of social awareness and responsibility enabling the students of this institution to grow into socially committed citizens of India .

Aims And Objective of the school

  • Primarily to provide children sound education based on religious and moral values. However, admission is open to all good and earnest candidates irrespective of caste and creed.

  • To enable the children to acquire the proper knowledge that will lead them to understand concepts, values and principles rather than the mere leaning of facts.

  • To develop physical, intellectual, social and psychomotor skills of the people.

  • To develop positive attitudes to life which will lead to empathetic understanding of others and their feelings

  • To nurture the values which will determine the patterns of behavior required to live in harmony with other individuals and with nature .



The School provides highly efficient coaching to both boys and girls according to the syllabus prescribed C B S E. The objectives of the curriculum is to achieve fully develop the students individual potentialities rather than to confine him / her to books alone. The medium of instruction is English, Hindi and Malayalam will also be included in the curriculum. Periodic and monthly evaluation and parent / teacher meeting will help to assess the level of attainment of the student. CCE System of education is well established in the campus.



In order to active the integration of education a cultural values with a true philosophy of life. The school provides ample opportunity for CCA through the literary Association, Science Club , Internet Club , Audio – Visual Theater , Sports ,Arts , Games , Organ, Tabala , Guitar , Drawing , Painting , Dance , Music , Roller Scatting , Yoga , Martial arts Crafts and Study tours .


The academic year starts in June and ends in March. All public holydays are holidays for the school. Termly holidays are given during Onam, Christmas and midsummer.


To mould the leaders of tomorrow who think globally and act locally holding the cultural heritage of the country. We wish to provide each child with the best education possible based on values and virtues of life. It is our intension to create a world, where unjust social structures are challenged and national integration is upheld.


  • We work for a healthy joyful & rich learning environment.

  • Improve the academic potential of students.

  • Improvement of the infrastructure facilities.

  • Use of technology to improve education.

  • Encourage students to be self-disciplined ,courteous and to have Confidence in their own abilities

  • Provide career guidance programme to the students.

  • All round development of the pupils.




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